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Heat Treating

MTC Bolt Technical Ceramics distribute precision engineered ceramic components for use in a variety of thermal processing applications. Our wide range of products is developed in partnership with clients to fit their solution.

MTC Bolt Technical Ceramics distribute products manufactured by MTC’s Haldenwanger operations, working with clients to deliver tailor-made heat treating solutions to clients in disparate industry sectors.

MTC Bolt Technical Ceramics distribute a wide range of different components for use within heat treating applications. As part of Morgan Technical Ceramics, Bolt Technical Ceramics is able to utilise the extensive expertise and precision engineering capabilities of MTC to deliver high specification solutions to clients in a multitude of different industries.

From the aerospace sector to architecture and the manufacture of our heat treating products are used extensively for their thermal stability and shock resistance in high pressure, high temperature environments. Our engineers have built a solid reputation for developing and engineering effective solutions in conjunction with clients’ technical requirements and personnel.

Across a variety of industries Bolt Technical Ceramics have consistently delivered innovative, appropriate and successful heat treating solutions.

Typical Materials Used:

  • Pythagoras Mullite
  • Sillimantin 60
  • Alsint 99,7
  • Alumina Silicate
  • Fused Silica
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Porous Alumina
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Pythagoras Mullite

Typical Applications:

  • Kiln Furniture
  • Industrial Annealing
  • Electric Isolation Equipment
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